Whimsy Achievement: Unlocked!

Today, on his lunch break, this hardworking guy raced home to do a thing.  A colorful thing.  There’s a lot of leniency in this house – especially where timelines are concerned – color included.  We have one rule:  NO. WHITE. WALLS.  In this case, doors.  I’ve been riding the teal wave for a while now, and I’m sure many people are happy just to see me get my head out of the gray fog.

He ran to our favorite paint shop and picked up a quart of this gorgeous color.  We selected it from their historic collection.  It’s called “Blue Winged Teal” and I feel that it adds just the right dash of whimsy and charm to the front of an otherwise drab-looking house.  The rest of the exterior needs a LOT of love (which is evident later in this post), but our new front door was the perfect excuse to inject a little life into the front; it also serves to let our neighbors know that, despite the otherwise-shabby look of things, this is home is a living project and we’re doing everything we can to make it shine.

So with that, we (D) painted the front door!

I am so thrilled with how the hardware turned out.  This is a smaller-than-standard door, so we couldn’t install full-sized hardware. This Putman Screen Door Latch in brushed nickel from Rejuvenation worked out beautifully.


This tiny human helped.  Well, she helped keep her papa motivated (not that he needs it).

After hanging the new door, D built new door casing and took the opportunity to wire in a doorbell (something we’ve never had and will probably regret as soon as it’s installed).

Outside-in and inside-out views of the new threshold. Another example of my husband’s artful skills.  He is so talented and I am so proud.

Interior door casing with papa and baby.

It’s just the first coat, but it is already vastly improved from the blahhhhh white door we had, not to mention that hideous metal door we just gave away.  Big sighs of relief over here.

The new hardware really pops against a brightly-colored door.  We’ll do the interior later.

See what I mean?  

It’s so fun to have a bright pop of color against the rest of the house’s white-on-white-on-white-on-white.  

Once the second coat is on and dry, we’ll scrape the excess and it won’t look sloppy.  I still find it funny this is what he considers “sloppy.”  He didn’t even take off the hardware to paint. Look at those steady brush strokes on my man!

My faves!