Weekend Update

Here’s a brief(ish) synopsis of what we’ve gotten up to in the past few months at our old house!

Remember this?  Well, now it looks more like this:

As much as I wish I could say that it’s all done, it simply isn’t (more on why later).

The powder room has seen some improvements:

…and professionals…

(I didn’t say a LOT of improvements, yo.)

The fixtures have arrived and are ready to be mounted and connected.

This door?

Hella stripped!  This set is currently in a warehouse owned by a 400-year-old man who is the area’s most capable door guy (apparently).   He makes custom doors that’d make a Kardashian swoon (speculative) and he’s working on pre-hanging this set, along with our new porch and front doors.

This guy (along with the handrail and balusters) has been installed!

My brother in law did us a really epic favor in making those pieces he could and having the rest made by true artisan craftsmen so my father-in-law could do an awesome job installing them.  it takes a village, people.  It. Takes. A. Village.

The side yard got a little spruce in the way of brand new rosemary, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, sage, peony, allium, raspberries, and lilacs.

While I was working in the yard, D. took a sabbatical from working in the living room and dining room/powder room to finish our sun porch.  He painstakingly sanded the flooring to ensure it was as smooth as can be, caulked the cracks, then dumped three coats of polyurethane stain on top to ensure a longstanding seal.

The result of all his hard work is pure enjoyment.

And, friends – the reason for my long absence (besides full time school to finish my  business degree):

A hellish first trimester!  We’re expecting our wee around the end of March/beginning of April… knowing fully that babies come when they damn well please, we’ll be working ’round the clock to hustle our bustle and get everything as prepared as possible.