In which Lanny goes to Portland - Part 1

Hi friends!

It feels like ages, but in reality, it has only been a week! A short week at that .. two in a row for me. Last week, when I was writing about what a creep I am, I was washing some laundry in preparation for our weekend away.  I'm just glad I didn't pull the all-too-typical 'throw a load in the washer and head out the door to work' routine. Why? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED! (I bet you're not) Because our washing machine caught fire. Why? God, who even knows. Maybe it reads too much dramatic teen fiction? Maybe it got a bad case of the YOLOs? I don't know. What I DO know is that 99% of the washing machines listed on craigslist are bullshit. 1% are just shitty, dated, top-loading washing machines with wood-grain con-tac paper that people seem to believe are worth every bit of $400. WRONG. I'd rather wash my clothes on a rock than spend that much! Okay, nope. No I would not.

Regardless of how I'd like my clothes cleaned, I think everyone can agree that we'd ALL like my clothes clean. (I go to the gym a lot - I've basically trained my body to sweat whenever I so much as think about exercise.) The fun doesn't stop around here, folks. After we got that issue sorted (stopped washing machine which was already on the final spin-cycle, dried the clothes, etc.) we skipped town for a long weekend away in our favorite city: PORTLAND!

We hit the road later than we'd intended (as usual) but it was worth it. We stopped at our favorite local juice joint for a quick pick-me up and walked around the corner to another favorite - a small To Kill a Mockingbird-themed shop to pick up some books for the trip.

 We are incredibly lucky to have the luxury to run away for a road trip at this time of year in a Volkswagen Rabbit. It's almost December in the Upper Left, USA .. Where's the weather? THANKS OBAMA!

New books!! Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and Godforsaken Idaho by Shawn Vestal. Two brilliant Spokane-based authors. I had a friend tell me she was relieved to discover that Jess Walter spent 15 years writing this novel because she hadn't even  been an adult for 15 years yet. I feel like this is a great summary of everything I feel lately. I haven't been an adult long enough to write a New York Times Bestseller so get off my back already.  

 Contrails and hydro power! Dam Columbia!


 Sunset behind Mt. Hood casting shadows.

I didn't get any photos of the darling little cottage we rented for the first night in town. We don't usually bother with friends and family in town, but since we drove over on a Thursday, and all our friends are adults with jobs and shit, we wanted to avoid being underfoot while they were trying to get out the door for work the following morning... Also for sleeping in. Priorities, man. Quick tangent -- AIR BNB IS THE PLACE TO BE YOU GUYS. We rented a small converted garden shed from a homeowner for $60 and it INCLUDED BREAKFAST. WHY ISN'T EVERYBODY DOING THIS?! It's beyond me, really. It's blowing up. Get on board now! You only YOLO once!

After a home-cooked breakfast, we checked out and grabbed some Stumptown Coffee and headed to Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage to ogle goodies. We had a store credit from a previous visit. When we were last there, we bought rusty, corrugated tin for our chicken coop. Why not, right? Makes sense, right? Knowing all you know about us now, it totally does.

This is my "I'm excited to go to Aurora Mills again today, but I really do need some caffeine" face. 

And this is D's "BABE. LOOK AT THAT BABY!" face. Seriously. There was a pretty cute baby sitting behind me at the coffee shop. How many women can say that their husband's wandering eyes are checking out a baby? Apparently that is what 12 years will do that do a couple. 



Vintage woodworking tools - I couldn't get great pictures with my phone, so you'll just have to make the drive to Aurora, OR

(Nicole - For Logan's new room?!)
 I haven't lived in a house with a bathtub in 5 years. I'm disinclined to get out. A tub that I can completely submerge myself in is a rare find. TRUST ME, I'M A PROFESSIONAL. Lanny: Professional Tall person.

Seriously, Lanny. Get out of the tub .. you're in public. 


Hey girl. 
This old calendar is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen, and I've seen some pretty weird crap on the internet. 

It always makes me simultaneously thrilled and bummed to see so many antique pieces all stacked up like this. 
On one hand: MORE FOR ME. HOWEVER! It also means somewhere, there's a historic/vintage home sporting some lame hardware from Home Depot instead of these period-appropriate pieces. COME ON, PEOPLE!

I'm going to put this by my front door. 

 I don't know what it is, but I like it. 

 Knobs: see above. 

 See Above.

 There always is. 

 I almost bought this, but I know the price tag will restrict my ability to allow my (non-existent) children to even THINK about riding it. "No no, darling. That's mommy's tricycle. It stays right there."

3.25" x .25" salvaged fir flooring?!

 AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE! This is exactly what we need. Unfortunately, we were severely limited in what we could schlep this time around since we drove the Conejo. Bummer though .. because our closet is currently sans-a-floor. (that's another post altogether)

 Did you know they don't sell size four jeans in store for people who are  my height? 
Good thing nobody in Oregon gave a hoot.
 I wonder if the city would allow us to change our address?


 Bitchin' bench. 

co-sponsor of the Magical Mystery Tour?
 Butcher Blocks! FOR ME!
 When Virginia Woolf wrote A Room of One's Own, I think she was talking about the kitchen. 

WHAT A CROCK. Hey, there are washboards in there! Just what I need... 

 Is that... Oy... IT IS.
 SO EXCITED! You see, to some, this is a glass water bottle. To me, this replaces our coin jar that these jerk cats broke when they were roughhousing. CATS ARE JERKS. 

 Perhaps the jockey baby is too much.

 Store credit for unsold tin? YES. STRAIGHT-UP TRADE FOR THE NEW COIN JUG!

More later! Xoxo


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