In which Lanny reveals her tenuous (at best) grasp of the behavioral patterns of the universe.

My husband will be co-starring in an off-off-off-off-off Broadway performance of Mary Poppins in which he'll play Burt. Here he is in his full chimney sweep costume! Super believable makeup job... especially with the Victorian-era cellphone. Nope. That's his regular phone and regular face. Rather, it's his regular face immediately after he's been working for hours upon hours deep inside the guts of our house, immediately after working hours upon hours at his regular job. (not pictured: top hat)

We've He's had some important breakthroughs lately; like LITERALLY breaking through the 2" thick floor joists immediately above the electrical panel to accommodate the updated wiring! We've He's also come up with some creative potential workarounds when we he discovered the ... uh... challenge (?)...  of being unable to move a structural wall.

Damn you, Newton! You won't keep us down. I'll get the last laugh, mark my words. So maybe I never studied physics, but it's safe to say that Murphy's law continues to be the prevailing governance for this renovation.

So, without giving away too much information* or naming-names, I can say that there have been more than a few inclusions of phrases like butler's pantry in a certain someone's** Google search history.

* So, we haven't actually made any "plans" to "execute" the aforementioned "epiphany". Or, "anything at all" for that matter.

** Mine.