2013: the year of the blog!

Is this the year I finally keep ahead of my blogging needs? MAYBE?

Good enough ...

You guys, GUESS WHAT?!

After seven years of home ownership and six winters of space heaters and a thermostat set to 55° WE FINALLY GOT A NEW FURNACE!



I was noticing how exciting this development was after I was home for an afternoon and D remarked how warm it was when he came home from work.

"I cranked it up to 65°!"

The comedy of this was not lost on either of us. "Cranked" to 65.

Relative, man. I tell you what, though .. I'll be cranking that bad boy a lot in the future. I know how to live it up!


real recap soon!


  1. It's a beautiful house, Leigh. You and Destry are creating a gorgeous place! Enjoy!


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