A monumentous occasion

Three cheers for us!

hip hip .. HOORAY!


Because, my dear friends, the coop is DONE. DONE AND OUTSIDE!

Here's proof!

All that remains of our salvaged tin. This was picked up within an hour of posting for free on Craigslist.
Speaking of tin, do you know what 10 8' lengths of tin strapped to the roof of a Volvo station wagon sounds like at 80 MPH for seven hours? I do. Lets just say it makes it way easier to stay awake from Portland to Spokane (9 pm - 4 am).

All the coop pieces have been relocated outside, anxiously awating assembly. On my car. Sheesh. Nevermind this. This is the moment we've been waiting for since OCTOBER!

I promise I'm not making him assemble this solo .. I just popped back to snap a shot of the toilet seats.

These are the entrances to the nest boxes (yet to be attached)

Making sure it's square. Even test-run assemblies require absolute accuracy.

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole life?!

Demonstrating how we'll let the chickens into the run without getting their poo all over our shoes. Clever!

The outhouse look wouldn't be complete without the crescent moon cut into the door. Wired shut, to keep predators away from our chicks.

This is pretty much the only reason we chose the plans we chose. This design was called the 'poop' coop. It really ties it all together, don't you think?

This little sliding door is custom. There was no design in the plans for this. THIS IMPROMPTU ADDITION IS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. This little sliding door lets our flock out of the run and into their fenced-in yard.

Chicken run roof

LOOK AT THIS! The rusted tin is the PERFECT accent! All that time in Aurora, OR was well-spent!

Oh-so-picturesque! ...oh, except for that cup of RC Cola in the shot!

And without the soda .. perfection!

My living room is back to being the cavernous space it was before. The coop is OUTSIDE!

After we finished assembling the coop, we planned to break it down and store it in the sunroom up front until we get the site prepared and the foundation built. You may notice we assembled it in the middle of our driveway, behind my car .. so it had to be disassembled at SOME POINT before 8:15 Monday morning. But we couldn't bear to do it immediately after all the hard work we put into building it outside.Especially after a couple of our lovely neighborhood dog-owners walked by, remarking it was, "Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous chicken coop!" So it stayed up overnight. Sunday morning I traveled across the frozen tundra (kitchen) to put some laundry in. "Oh my god!" I yelled. "WHAT?!?" D. replied, in a slight panic. "THERE IS A CHICKEN COOP IN OUR YARD!"

I'm hilarious. Just ask me, I'll tell you.

Anyway, Later that same day (yesterday), we went to the gym. After we got home, we sat in the car for a good ten minutes just admiring it. Can you blame us?