I love Portland. I love that small-business is king in Portland. I love everything about most neighborhoods here .. Most of all, I love wandering down the main drag of a neighborhood, weaving in and out of shops (all or most, being the only one of it's kind) finding something I never knew I needed. My best friend, Hoot, calls our adventures "Treasure Hunting", and she's right.

Yesterday, at breakfast, we sat down with our print outs of all the salvage shops we hoped to hit up this weekend and devised a plan of attack. How many were open Saturday AND Sunday and which were the top priority?

We hit up Old Portland Hardware - Now a staple to every visit to PDX. We adore this shop. Definitely not your typical salvage shop .. this shop is organized, tidy and meticulously detailed and it hasn't gone unnoticed. This store is BEAUTIFUL .. his wares are great as well. We needed to pick up two (2!!) pre-hung, five-panel, stripped doors. Very exciting stuff... Stay tuned for photos

Next, we stopped at Salvage Works, which was new to us .. partly to rummage through the plethora of doors and windows and other assorted wares. But! ALSO! To check out their Chicken Coops - made entirely of salvaged materials. (Yes, this spring, we will be proud parents to two [three? FIVE?!?] hens. Friends: prepare to be bombarded with free eggs)

Then we schlepped over to The ReBuilding Center - and frankly, were underwhelmed. This was more in line with the salvage shops I've seen before. A loosely organized warehouse full of doors and windows in varying state of wear and quality. No, I don't need a vinyl bay window or a fogged (gold) glass shower door... So we moved on fairly quickly and discovered some amazing shops just down the street, like Bella Norte (An antique shop that is home to a trunk that JUST might be 'the one) and the adjacent Porch Light .. So, the visit to the first place wasn't entirely wasted, since we wouldn't have discovered these shops any other way.  OH! AND!!! Pistils Nursery .. An adorable little nursery that had a WEALTH of information on chickenkeeping in the city.

We're off to Aurora Mills today .. we might not make it home.