Portlandia: a retrospective

GET IT?! RETRO... because we love old things. And, because I'm a terrible excuse for a blogger. I really ought to get with the program. Someday I will... but until then, I'll just do my best to get this put together before I fall asleep.

As you may recall, we went to Portlandia! Land of Ports! We saw many delicious things, including (but not limited to!) antiques, architectural salvage and friends. (I don't know about you, but MY friends are delicious. xo)

Here we are! Waiting to be called for a table at the most excellent Cricket Cafe. If you haven't yet been: GO. NOW. Stop what you're doing, and go to there.

After that, we plotted and planned our master course..choosing desinations deliberately so we could maximize our time and see as much as possible. We eventually ended up at Aurora Mills. It was all I had hoped for AND THEN SOME.

Please, readers, excuse this photo dump. It really is excessive (still, I'm not sorry...):

Keys, Louise. My favorite (and only acceptable) knick-knack.

This just might be THEE TRUNK!

Drawer-knobs. (HA!)

I'm SO obsessed with these crates. I love them.

Do you need a new newel post? I found a couple...


More keys. Yep. Still smitten...

Post! I dream of a day where my bills are thrust through a slot this fancy.

Rummaging for a register. Naturally, in an odd size.

He's a ghost.
Everyone needs a wall-o-lights. I know I do!

Guess who found the right size?!


...I'll be back...