Finding time

So, this blog has been banging around in our (read: my) head for a while now. Not because I feel like we're doing a spectacular job at restoring our home, but because I'd like to chart the progress in a tangible way and keep us accountable. I'm not gonna lie .. sometimes it feels like we'll never be done. Other days (like a few this week!) it feels like we're on the cusp of a major breakthrough.

Most of the photos I have are trapped in my phone (I know) until I have more than a few minutes to email them away - but rest assured, they will be freed and you'll be able to witness all our progress changes.

We're trying our best to do everything right (read: the hard way) and keep things authentic where we can, and fake it where we can't. In any case, it's hard work but we're doing it together and it's going to be so fucking worth it.

If it isn't, we can always burn it down, right?