Tonight we'll be skipping town to drive to Portland. If you're in the
Northwest, you know that Portland has the most* antique and salvage
stores per capita than any other area. We're currently on the lookout
for a vent cover: 13.5" x 9" (with louvers), a Closet door : 2' x 6'
(left-hand swing) and misc bedroom furniture.

In addition to all those specifics, we're always on the lookout for
antique trunks and crates (wood with galvanized metal edges) rugs and
side tables. We don't need to hunt for a lot of furniture, since we have
most of what we need and plan to buy most big pieces new (like our
couches and our new bed - from Restoration Hardware).

Currently, the bulk (all) of our furniture (was his) is ultra-modern and
therefore looks weird in a Victorian house. A word to the wise: Ikea and
Dania furniture doesn't work in all homes. Restoration Hardware is
great, Pottery Barn is okay .. But unfortunately Spokane is painfully
devoid of truly unique furniture dealers. There's a LOT of schlock here.
Like... a lot. Slipcovers reign supreme. It makes me want to die
inside... so we leave town a lot to hunt throughout Seattle and
Portland's wealth of resources. It helps that I lived in Seattle for 8
years and that we both have family and friends scattered up the coast.
It makes these weekend trips doubly beneficial.

Oh, and Portland's endless food cart options .. But that's another blog
for another day. Back to being a teacher. Xoxo!

*I have no idea